We are lucky to work with a variety of cultivators from California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and even Canada. Based out of Texas, Rhythm offers a custom experience that isn't dependent upon locality. 5000 sq. ft. or 50,000 sq. ft.--Rhythm is highly versatile to any setup accommodating non-technical savvy users with simplicity and intuitiveness, while also offering more advanced users the freedom to configure and customize.



Here's what some of our customers are saying about the benefits of Rhythm.




Altitude The Dispensary in Denver, Colorado realized 50-70% of their grower's time was spent mixing feed reservoirs and hand-feeding their crops. Making a switch to automated irrigation and fertigation was the obvious next step aided by Rhythm. They now use the system and one 200 gallon mixing tank to manage six grow rooms and one veg room with 24 zones.

Owners have reported 380 hours per month saved on manpower, which they now use to focus on crops. Because plants never take a day off, employees in this industry unfortunately don't get any either. After the implementation of Rhythm, Altitude morale has greatly improved as free weekends have transformed from fantasy to reality now that the dispensary can utilize remote access watering from their mobile phones.

With Rhythm, we’ve saved roughly 400 man-hours per month, re-focused our operations on plant quality and eliminated crop losses. More profits, better results.”
— Owner, Altitude The Dispensary



ArcAngeles purchased an early build version of Rhythm for their 150 light setup due to lack of labor available. They are currently running the same facility with only two people, aided by the massive work load that Rhythm has taken on with ease. Pleased by such quick success, they purchased a second system for another location running 6 flower rooms and a mother plant room using a larger 350 gallon mixing tank.

While originally investing in the Rhythm fertigation series to cut down on labor and create more time for canopy management, the machine has gifted even more by creating consistency which allotted more time for boutique-style attention to detail and thus, a substantial evolution to higher quality product.

ArcAngeles is now signed on to install their fourth Rhythm system in a fourth location!

We invested in Rhythm to save on the manual labor of hand watering over 8,000 plants but the unexpected benefit we have discovered is that we have gained SO much time, that we were able to expand rapidly to double the amount of lights with the same work force.”
— COO, ArcAngeles




Located in Oregon, Eco Firma is running a custom version of the Rhythm Advanced Fertigation System feeding 6 large flower rooms with 2 feed zones in each room with pressure compensated drippers to individual pots.  By switching to the Batch Series AFS, they’ve reduced hand watering labor by up to 85% and 500 man-hours per month! Taking full advantage of Rhythm’s flexible software, EFF prefers to use the software meticulously with the Feed Now feature, feeding each room once a day and adjusting recipes based on the feed data and runoff returned.

Since then, not only have they substantially reduced labor costs associated with the old traditional hand watering methods, but have increased quality and yield, recently placing 2nd in Oregon’s Cannabis Classic.

The level of customer service Rhythm provides is unprecedented in this industry.”
— Cultivation Director, Eco Firma Farms

If you are concerned about privacy and would like to speak to a current customer, we have some references available who are happy to speak with you.

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