Fertigation is the injection of nutrients into an irrigation system.

Using the batch method with a single 200 or 350 gallon mixing tank, the fully automated Rhythm Batch Series AFS was designed to prepare, stabilize, and deliver the user defined recipes to specified feeding zones.

Loaded with features commercial cultivators specifically look for in an automated fertigation system, Rhythm is easy to use yet remarkably sophisticated.


What does Rhythm CSS sell?

Batch style fertigation skids and custom builds (including our proprietary feeding software and analytics tools.) Environmental control is also available combined with fertigation, or separately.

Where can I buy Rhythm's system?

Rhythm is not sold through any retail or wholesalers, but we do have relationships with many commercial contractors, hydroponics stores, and consulting firms that may introduce you to our solutions. The purchase of the equipment, however, will always be through Rhythm directly, as our team is always engaged in the selection and design of your equipment.  

Are you the same as Rythm Flower & Vapes?

No.  We are not affiliated with the flowers/vapes company Rythm (different spelling). We do not sell or cultivate flowers.

What are lead times when ordering?

Generally 8-12 weeks on average, depending on what you order.  Expedited service may be requested at an additional cost.


Does it only make mixes or actually water the plants?

Both. You can set the system up to just make batches and deliver them to holding reservoirs, or you can directly feed the nutrient batch straight into your drip irrigation system.

Does it include the irrigation (plumbing) hardware?

No. Irrigation (drippers, plumbing, solenoids at the zone level, pumps for RO or other reservoirs are NOT included. We do have recommendations for these or can help you put together a complete working solution best for your operation.

Manifold solenoids, system pumps, ph, EC, temperature sensors, nutrient injectors, mixing tank, various level sensors, software and PC interface ARE included.

Where do the nutrients go and what size containers can be used?

Nutrients are designed to sit adjacent to the machine, on both the left and right sides, behind the machine, or even above it (just not below it.) Any size nutrient container may be used, including 6 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums and even 275 gallon totes. Some custom builds also include dosing panels designed to affix to an adjacent wall.

Can this system handle my entire facility?

The AFS is designed to take on 100% of the recipe preparation and irrigation for an entire facility, automating the entire process. You have the option to use certain features manually, or completely automate every recipe.

How many plants can it feed?

As a batch mixing machine, sizing the Batch Series AFS to handle the needs of an entire facility depends mostly on daily water demands. A batch machine takes time to prepare and stabilize recipes, therefore it probably wouldn’t have enough time to feed a facility with 20 rooms watering 16 feeds each per day, everyday. Rhythm's team of engineers will work with you to ensure you are paired with the optimal solution for your facility.

What kind of nutrients work with the system?

Both Liquid fertilizers and Powdered nutrients can be used. Salt based, synthetic and organic nutrients can work, however, some nutrients work better than others.

Powdered nutrients need to be prepared in a stock tank and Rhythm’s nutrient injectors will dose at whatever desired ratio needed to achieve your recipe setpoints.


What are the facility site requirements?

Site requirements can vary from project-to-projects. But most projects require a dedicated 40A 220-240VAC circuit, a 1”-1.5” drip irrigation system with pressure compensated emitters, and about 11ft x 8 ft of clear space in the watering room or any corridor where the equipment will be placed. Detailed information will be provided before and after you commit to a system.

Can I install Rhythm myself?

Yes and no. The Rhythm Batch Series is a packaged machine skid, designed to be installed by anyone with basic PVC plumbing and electrical skills.  (Note: please follow all local building codes and requirements. Licensed plumbers and electricians are usually required.) Comprehensive installation instructions are provided but our customer support and project management team will be available to assist your contractors with the process. We also always include an on-site trip from one or more Rhythm Engineers to provide onsite startup, commissioning, and training.


How do I get customer support?

The greatest differentiator that sets Rhythm apart is the customer service. No hard-to-read manuals or generic representatives. You have direct contact with the engineers who are happy to help you when you have questions or should an issue arise.

What if one of my system parts fails or breaks?

Preventative measures are implemented such as redundant pumps and meters so that if one fails, there is a back up. Other parts are industrial grade and built to last, however should a part need replacement, we leave a spare parts kit with each unit sold.

What kind of equipment guarantee does Rhythm offer?

We offer a lifetime premium support for the life of your machine. We also offer a standard 1 year parts warranty, stock most parts and can expedite shipping for critical replacements.


Do you offer software training?

Yes. We offer a free startup, commissioning, and training package for every system and installation. This includes a comprehensive training for all employees in person or via phone calls.

Does Rhythm provide reporting and data collection?

All critical feed and environmental data is logged and accessible both locally via the Rhythm software or through Rhythm Analytics where data can be filtered and exported to Excel and/or PDF.

Is Rhythm remote accessible?

Yes. You can access your system from any PC or mobile device. Wireless connectivity is also possible if your facility does not have internet.


Do you finance?

Our systems require a 50% deposit to start the project and 50% before it is delivered. Special circumstances may qualify for financing. Contact us to discuss this option.

How much does a system cost?

Because we offer custom solutions tailored to your facility's size, style of grow and other needs, the price of the system can vary. Prices range from $45k to $200k+ depending on your needs. Please contact us for a direct quote based on your specific setup.

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