Rhythm Cultivation Services partners you with experienced industry experts and engineers providing turn-key, design-build and consulting services. Whether you are starting the process of a new build or in need of some mid-flower direction, we've got the help you need.



Business areas of expertise:

  • Indoor Facility Design

  • Budgeting & Business Planning

  • Facility Management & Workflow

  • Irrigation & Fertigation

  • Quality Control Strategies

  • Loss Prevention Strategies

  • Plant Health Troubleshooting

  • Nutrient Recipe Delivery

  • Runoff Management

  • Means, Methods & Best Practices

Field areas of expertise:

  • Clones & Seeds

  • Genetic Selection

  • Vegetative & Flower Care

  • Climate Control

  • Lighting Selection

  • Drying & Curing

  • Pruning Practices

  • Recipe Generation

  • Irrigation Styles

  • Pest Control

  • Water Systems

  • Resource Recycling

  • Odor Elimination

  • Canopy Management


With the overwhelming supply of product on the market today, there is an increasing need to streamline your business to separate yourself from the competition. Consistently providing your customers with top shelf product throughout every harvest, year after year, is often a challenge.

Our team of experts will leverage 80+ combined years of horticulture experience to guide your operations team on how to lower overhead costs and increase yield and quality by providing valuable knowledge and direction on facility layout and work flow, ideal means and methods, and the best industry practices.

Each regulating entity and state comes with its own set of constraints on setting up a cultivation facility--including license restrictions, plant count, canopy square footage, building footprint, geographic location, etc.


Our experts can get the most out of your facility, whatever you are working with.


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